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Rubicon Play high quality components, materials, design, manufacturing techniques

Highest quality 3-dimensional rope play structures

Reliable specialist rope play design, manufacturing - Rubicon Play Materials, Manufacturing Capability

16mm 18mm polypropylene, braided nylon

High quality manufacturing techniques - Rubicon Play Materials, Manufacturing Capability

UV stable colours red, blue, green, yellow, black, natural beige

High quality components - Rubicon Play Materials, Manufacturing Capability

Rubicon Play Materials, Manufacturing Capability

Rubicon Play’s manufacturing capability centres around creating 3-dimensional rope play structures.

Rubicon Play has invested in the very best design and manufacturing equipment and materials available. We use only high quality components in production and, with our customers, are continually seeking to develop and improve on the manufacturing processes.

Customer designs are manufactured using 16mm and 18mm diameter rope. The rope is made of polypropylene (16mm and 18mm) and braided nylon (18mm) reinforced with multiple steel strands. This ensures that products made with our rope are durable and will not sag or stretch excessively.

Rope colours are red, blue, green, yellow, black, and natural beige. Additional rope colours can be supplied to suit individual branding needs (subject to minimum order requirements). Colours are stable in UV sunlight to reduce the potential for fading.

Ropes are fixed using extruded aluminium ferrules pressed with one of our 150 tonne hydraulic presses.

Rubicon Play provides a variety of cross rope and end of rope fixtures in aluminium or plastic. Our high quality plastic fittings are extremely durable and can be supplied in a range of colours to suit your needs.

We are also able to powder coat most steel components.

Rubicon Play is committed to providing customers with a high quality, reliable and specialist rope play design and manufacturing facility. We use the best quality components at the most cost effective prices to manufacture our bespoke ropework for each customer.