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Rubicon Play bespoke play ropes - custom rope nets, bridges, swings, ladders, tunnels

Individual design, install of custom rope based adventure play equipment

Rope bridges - Rubicon Play bespoke play ropes

Extensive product range: rope nets, rope bridges, rope swings, rope ladders, rope tunnels

Big catwalk ropes - Rubicon Play bespoke play ropes

Manufacturing high quality ropework, meeting individual specifications

Balancing ropes - Rubicon Play bespoke play ropes

Bespoke Play Ropes

Nets, Bridges, and Swinging Ropes

Our portfolio of bespoke ropework for outdoor playgrounds is continually expanding and currently includes:

  • Rope nets: scramble nets, cargo nets, traversing nets, asymmetric nets;
  • Rope Bridges: burma bridges, V bridges, wobbly bridges, clatter bridges, tunnel bridges;
  • Rope swings: carousels, swinging tyre ropes, swinging logs, swinging T Ropes;
  • Big catwalk ropes, traversing ropes, balancing ropes;
  • Individual ropes: pull up ropes, single ropes, parallel ropes;
  • Rope ladders;
  • Rope tunnels;
  • Trapeze rings, monkey rings.

Rubicon Play works closely with customers to design and manufacture high quality ropework that meets individual specifications.

The finished ropework is then installed into outdoor play areas for schools, local authorities, leisure parks, and private grounds in the form of trim trails, activity frames, rope courses and adventure playgrounds, or as individual items in their own right.

We also help customers needing to repair, upgrade, refurbish or extend an existing play area. We know how expensive it can be to create new facilities, so replacing or adding custom-made rope play equipment to existing playgrounds is a great way to rejuvenate a much-loved facility and stay in budget.

Quality Assurance

Rubicon Play manufactures play ropes using 16mm and 18mm steel reinforced polypropylene and nylon rope. Customers are able to choose from the full range of RAL colours. All ropework is designed and manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 1176 : 2000 criteria as well as the processes that have been the TÜV GS certified.

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Customer feedback:

Rubicon Play is one of our most reliable suppliers. They consistently produce to a high standard and deliver their products on or before time.