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Rubicon Play Playnet Climbing Net products

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Playnets - Rubicon Play Climbing Nets

Four sided pyramid net structure

Pyramid climbing net - Rubicon Play Climbing Nets

Play nets customised to incorporate bridges, slides

Custom designed Playnets - Rubicon Play Climbing Nets

Climbing Net adventure playground equipment

Play nets provide a stunning centre-piece for any adventure playground. Our climbing frame, the Rubicon Playnet, is always the star of the show and perfect for active children who enjoy the challenge of climbing, and the thrill of playing in safety high above the ground.

Rubicon Playnet Design Details

Play nets have exceptionally high play value. They have 360° play potential and can support a large number of children at any one time.

Rubicon Playnets comprise a number of individual cells connected to form a four sided pyramid net structure. The rope lattice provides endless opportunities for climbing and outdoor play whilst the inherent movement within the structure adds a further dimension. Rubicon Playnets are designed and manufactured for individual age groups from toddlers (3yrs) to teenagers (14yrs plus) through the careful selection of mast heights and cell sizes.

Rubicon Playnets are constructed out of 18mm steel reinforced, braided nylon, and come in heights of 4, 5 and 6 metres, with single or multiple stainless steel masts. Play nets can also be customised to incorporate bridges or slides. Customers are able to choose from the full range of UV resistant RAL colours.

Rubicon Playnet Technical Design Details

Mast Configurations Single, or multiple mast options available in all sizes
Mast Heights 3 – 12 4 – 12 4 – 12 5 – 12 5yrs + 5 – 14 5 yrs +
Cell Sizes 300mm 400mm 300mm 400mm 450mm 400mm 450mm
Free Space 67m2 96m2 116m2
Safety Surfacing 55m2 73m2 94m2
Safety Surfacing 0.8m 1.1m 1.35m
Design Criteria BS EN 1176 : 2000 Compliant. GS TUV Certified

Rubicon Playnet Materials Details

Mast High quality stainless steel.
Can be polished or powder coated in your choice of colour
Rope lattice 18mm steel core reinforced braided nylon rope
Rope fixings Pressed aluminium ferrules
Rope colour Red, blue and green as standard.
A full range of RAL colours can be provided to suit individual customer branding requirements, subject to minimum order conditions
Foundations Galvanised steel reinforced concrete. Concrete C25/30:
  • 4m Playnet 3.8m3
  • 5m Playnet 4.7m3
  • 6m Playnet 3.8m3
Largest / heaviest parts 4m Playnet – largest part 4m x 0.14m nb – weight 47kg
5m Playnet – largest part 5m x 0.14m nb – weight 59kg
6m Playnet – largest part 6m x 0.14m nb – weight 71kg

Quality Assurance

Rubicon Play has recently been awarded the TÜV GS Mark for the Rubicon Playnet range of products. Rubicon Play has always designed and manufactured high quality play equipment, and we know how important it is for our customers to have certified assurance of our quality and safety.

The TÜV GS Mark means that the Rubicon Playnet range has been independently assessed and tested to the relevant safety standards (including BS EN 1176 : 2000) and has been found to be fully compliant with the requirements of those standards.

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