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Rubicon Play Maintenance, Refurbishment services

Keeping playground equipment safe, extending popular playground equipment life

Replaced rope net - Rubicon Play Maintenance, Refurbishment services

Replacement, repair worn, damaged out-of-date rope nets, rope tunnels

Refurbished playground equipment - Rubicon Play Maintenance, Refurbishment services

Playground Equipment Repair, Refurbishment Services

Playground maintenance, repair / refurbishment are essential in keeping playgrounds safe, up to date, and open. Repair and refurbishment extends the life of your most popular pieces of play equipment and postpones costly new installation. This can be an extremely cost effective way of updating playground equipment and complying with relevant legislation.

Rope Net, Rope Tunnel Replacements

Rubicon Play is successfully helping local authorities, Councils, and schools to comply with their annual inspection reports and keep their playgrounds open, through the replacement and repair of worn, damaged and out of date rope nets and rope tunnels.

If you have ropework which needs replacement we can work with you to find a cost-effective solution.

Customer feedback:

Rubicon Play has just refurbished scramble and tunnel nets in 16 of our local authority playgrounds. I am very pleased with the workmanship involved in this project and look forward to dealing with Rubicon Play in the future.

Customer feedback:

This is excellent. We were looking at taking the activity units out, but now the ropework has been replaced we have a fair few years play value in it yet.